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  • Things To Do

    There’s loads to do in Greenwich, LOADS. Climb over the roof of the most popular entertainment venue in the world, fly in a cable car across the river Thames, land an airliner in a fantastic flight simulator, stand at the start of time, whizz down the river in a high-powered boat, wander some world-class museums or simply stroll in the park or along the river. It’s your choice! Here are a few ideas.

    Putting all those loo-roll tubes to good use!

    Did you know that there are lots of animals living in the Antarctic and in the oceans around the continent?… Read more

    Weekly videos from museum curators and special guests.

    Tune in live each week to discover amazing stories of the sea, space, history and creativity with Royal Museums Greenwich… Read more

    Make your own sailor craft inspired by Cutty Sark's figurehead.

    Sailors often used their off-duty hours aboard ship to do hand crafts, and were prolific in carving, knotting, sewing and tattooing.… Read more

    Great fun for an afternoon at home.

    There are plenty of examples of sea monsters on old sea maps to inspire your very own sea monster sock… Read more

    Discover more about the world famous tea clipper.

    Colour in the Cutty Sark and learn all about the different parts of your colouring with Royal Museums Greenwich! Read more

    Bring art to life in your very own theatre!

    The National Maritime Museum is filled with paintings of dramatic seascapes, far-away islands and polar expeditions. Using just a few… Read more

    Try your hand at getting a strike!

    Underneath the Old Royal Naval College hides a double-lane skittle alley, built in 1864 by the Navy pensioners who used… Read more

    For some of the best views of Greenwich!

    The Greenwich Foot Tunnel runs beneath the river Thames between Greenwich and Island Gardens on the Isle of Dogs. The… Read more

    A fun filled, adrenaline experience

    An extreme ride along the Thames. Read more

    Stand on the historic Prime Meridian of the World at…

    Every place on Earth is measured in terms of its distance east or west from the Greenwich Meridian. The line… Read more