The Royal Borough is London’s hotspot for midsummer magic. Long days, warm weather and that holiday atmosphere bring Greenwich alive with events, concerts, festivals and more.

Summer Lates | Family Fun | Music | Film Festivals

Fill balmy summer evenings with unforgettable late events

Long days and warm evenings demand celebration. Greenwich’s ‘Summer Lates’ - evening openings and special events at marquee attractions - are just the ticket.

Never seen Sir James Thornhill’s 40,000 sq foot masterpiece The Painted Hall, in the Old Royal Naval College? There’s no better time to admire the colour and detail of ‘Britain’s Sistine Chapel’ than Friday and Saturday nights in July and August, when the evening sun gives it a truly transporting glow. Open 5pm-8pm.

The creative hub Woolwich Works explodes with activity during Woolwich Words and Sounds (15-30 July). From noon until late, comedy, spoken word and other performances fire up multiple venues, with street food and a pop-up bar to keep punters happy.

Shakespeare’s riotous Comedy of Errors finds its ideal setting in the gardens of the 200-year old Pilot pub on Greenwich Peninsula. Performances start at 7.30pm on 17 and 18 July; pre-booking is advised.

Why not take in 360° sunset views with drinks and music at Severndroog Castle on Shooter’s Hill? Daisy Veacock, a talented local whose jazz- and pop-derived songs deal with the experience of the pandemic as a young musician, takes the stage at 7.30pm on 29 July for Severndroog Summer Lates. The bar opens at 6.30pm, the event runs until 10pm, and pre-booking is advised.

The Royal Arsenal Woolwich hosts a farmer’s market on the second and final Saturday of every month. For late-night food stalls, performances and that festival feeling, come on 6 August, when it’s open from noon to 7pm.

Greenwich in high summer is family paradise

Over the summer holidays is when Greenwich unfurls all its family fun.

The Kids’ Table at the Design District Canteen couldn’t be better for parents wanting to eat great street food while their kids are happily occupied. Featuring traditional Mexican treats from Hermanos Taco House, Venezuelan arepas from Guasa, and much more, there’ll also be creative childminders dreaming up diversions for kids every weekend in July and August, between 11.30am and 3.30pm.

What better way to explore The Queen’s House, one of Greenwich’s most historic buildings, than by a Family Trail? These curated guides encourage young and old to explore the house, built by Inigo Jones in 1616 and home to numerous queens and priceless artworks. There’s also a fun, interactive trail at the National Maritime Museum next door for a fascinating family adventure. Both are free and open daily from 10am to 5pm.

A Tale to be Told will delight fans of drama and innovative puppetry. Performed by Afro-centric collective Kauma arts, the surprising and enthralling show has five performances in different parts of Greenwich between 16 July and 29 August. Admission is free.

Greenwich’s romantic past comes romping back to life for Medieval Season at Eltham Palace and Gardens, from 23 July to 4 September. Book ahead to avoid missing out on ‘jester workshops’, archery, storytelling and a changing schedule of family-friendly diversions. Medieval Season runs from 10am to 4pm daily, except on 13 and 14 August.

Stuck for something to entertain the kids between 10am and 4pm on Fridays from 29 July and 26 August? Head down to Woolwich’s General Gordon Square for ‘The RIDDLE’, a free, interactive experience created by NOCTURN and Spin Arts. There’ll be dancing, puzzle-solving, and a mystery to be cracked!

Greenwich gets grooving

Festivals, pop-up performances and late-night openings bring the music to Greenwich in July.

Love outdoor jazz? Mark noon-4pm on 17 July in your diary for Lazy Sunday Music in the gardens of Eltham Palace. Bring a picnic and enjoy music to match the serene surrounds.

A fan of string quartets? What about hearing a superb ensemble play by candlelight in the extraordinary grounds of the National Maritime Museum? Nine Candlelight Open Air concerts between 21 July and the 14 August will bring Hans Zimmer, Ennio Morricone, Antonio Vivaldi to the life in the most evocative setting imaginable. Performances begin at 7pm or 9pm and advance booking is advised.

July and August are all about outdoor brass bands on the patio of Charlton House, one of London’s finest Jacobean mansions. A rotating cast of brass ensembles play for free between 1pm and 2pm each Friday from 22 July to 2 September.

The Old Royal Naval College’s Painted Hall always amazes. But the evening of 29 July, from 7.30pm, Sofar Sounds will present an unexpected line-up of music to fill the space with even greater awe. Advance booking is essential.

Savour cinema under summer skies

Love watching films under warm evening skies? Greenwich makes the most of the summer’s long, luxurious nights to put on several distinctive outdoor film festivals.

Greenwich Peninsula’s futuristic open spaces are the setting for the Outdoor Film Festival, a series of Saturday-night and-evening cult classics. Expect selections as diverse as West Side Story and Dune. Check the website for times and dates, and make sure to arrive early to bag a seat and a headset.

St George’s Garrison Church may have been bombed during WWII, but its grounds make an atmospheric setting for free open-air film nights. Running from 16 July to 29 October, the eclectic program is mostly family friendly, with screenings starting at 7pm.

Like the sound of a traditional cinema experience, including seats, under the night sky? Then check out Vision Cinema at the Royal Arsenal in Woolwich, running from 22 to 25 July. Expect blockbusters such as Spiderman: No Way Home and a festival atmosphere.




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