Explore the festive magic of Royal Museums Greenwich this winter with a captivating line-up of attractions that offer a perfect blend of history, adventure, and seasonal charm…

Taking a photo of the Meridian Line at the Royal Observatory, Greenwich

Stand on the Meridian Line at the Royal Observatory

Immerse yourself in the history of timekeeping and stand on the iconic Prime Meridian Line at the Royal Observatory. Explore Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) and uncover how Greenwich became the official home of time.

Cutty Sark lights at Christmas in Greenwich

Step aboard the famous Cutty Sark, the fastest historic sailing ship of its time

Learn all about how the ship's construction helped make Cutty Sark the fastest tea clipper in the world. Now named an award-winning visitor attraction, you can see the ship's rigging in glowing lights, shaped like a Christmas tree and take part in festive activities while enjoying breathtaking views and tales of high-sea adventures.

The Queen's House Ice Rink in Greenwich

Glide on the ice at the Queen's House Ice Rink

Set against the backdrop of the Queen’s House, this outdoor ice rink is the perfect place for a magical Christmas adventure. Open every day until 7 January 2024 (excluding Christmas Day), the rink offers stunning views of the Canary Wharf skyline and the UNESCO Maritime Greenwich World Heritage Site. Soak up the festive spirit and enjoy winter treats including mulled wine, ginger spice hot chocolate and more from the Ice Rink Café located in the covered skate exchange.

Astronomy Photography of the Year Winner © Green Snakes by Filip Hrebenda

Marvel at wintry landscapes and stunning skyscapes at the National Maritime Museum

From shimmering galaxies to shooting stars, the Astronomy Photographer of the Year annual competition showcases the world's greatest space photography, providing a mesmerising way to brighten up a cold winter's day.
Image: © Green Snakes by Filip Hrebenda

The Peter Harrison Planetarium at the Royal Observatory, Greenwich

Dive into the cosmos at the Peter Harrison Planetarium

Witness captivating shows led by Royal Observatory's expert astronomers. Experience the stars up close with incredible visualisations and real-life space photography, accompanied by live commentary that unravels the mysteries of the universe.

Whether you're interested in astronomy, maritime history, or festive outdoor activities, Royal Museums Greenwich offers a captivating line-up of experiences to make this winter one to remember.


Royal Observatory Greenwich
Sightseeing Attraction
A couple hold hands on the Meridian Line at the Royal Observatory

The Royal Observatory Greenwich is home of Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) and the Prime Meridian and one of the most important historic scientific sites in the world.

Cutty Sark
Sightseeing Attraction
A lady stands on the upper deck of Cutty Sark in Greenwich, London.

Cutty Sark is the last surviving tea clipper and the fastest ship of its time. Now an award-winning visitor attraction in Greenwich, London.

The Queen's House
Sightseeing Attraction
The exterior of the Queen's House in Greenwich

The Queen’s House is home to an internationally renowned art collection, Inigo Jones’ architectural masterpiece is the first Classical building in the UK. Free entry.

The Queen's House Ice Rink
Christmas - Family
A magical open-air ice rink in the heart of Greenwich's UNESCO World Heritage Site

A magical open-air ice rink in the heart of Greenwich.

Astronomy Photographer of the Year 15
Image credit: © Green Snakes by Filip Hrebenda

See the world's greatest space photography at the National Maritime Museum.

Peter Harrison Planetarium
Sightseeing Attraction
People sit in awe under the stars projected on the ceiling of the Peter Harrison Planetarium.

Fly to the heart of the Sun, go to distant galaxies, see the birth of a star or land on Mars. Take a tour of the Universe and experience the wonders of the night sky with expert commentary.



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