Walk with Wildlife

Walk with Wildlife

Walk with Wildlife
Whatever the season, there is something at Greenwich Peninsula Ecology Park for everyone - whether you enjoy bird watching, looking at wildflowers or just relaxing in beautiful surroundings

The Park is made up of an inner and outer lake. The outer lake area has open access at all times. The inner lake area is accessible only through the Gatehouse during opening hours. A fascinating variety of wildlife thrives in the Park, including frogs, toads and newts, while there is a huge array of ‘minibeasts’. In spring and summer, the Park comes alive with brightly coloured dragonflies and damselflies, and look out for butterflies over the meadow areas. Specially designed bird hides allow you to watch the many different species, both local and visiting, without disturbing them. As the seasons change, so do the types of birds you are likely to see . Don’t forget to have a look along the bank of the river Thames as well.


There are a host of organised activities you can join in with - from special events to school holiday drop-in activities.

More Information:

During term time, the Park is open for school visits where children can experience nature at first hand
(Ask the wardens for more details).