Visit The Crystal

Visit The Crystal

Visit The Crystal
Welcome to The Crystal, home to urban sustainability

The Crystal is a high tech modern take on cities the world over. At its heart is an exhibition outlining the challenges we face in developing sustainable cities, as well as global trends. However, it’s also a highly interactive day out which is fun and educational.

There are a series of zones featuring each of the must-haves which a sustainable city depends on, such as ‘Clean and green’, ‘Water is Life’ ‘Go electric’ and so on. There’s even an interactive website –  click this link to take a look.

This is definitely a great day for every geography whizz kid, municipal industry boffin and, of course, everyone else! Find out more about what you can see here.

A place to share news ideas about the future of cities.

Standard entry: £8

Concessions: £5 – For people aged 60 and over, and for disabled people plus one carer (both pay £5)