Inside Disney100: The Exhibition at ExCeL London

Disney100: The Exhibition, the famous studio’s unparalleled centenary display, is set to extend its stay at ExCeL London. Film fans and Disney devotees will adore this celebration of the world’s premiere dream factory, featuring over 250 exhibits and countless iconic stories. Originally set to close on 21 January, it will return to satisfy overwhelming public demand on 6 March, running through to 30 April 2024.

Early Disney artefacts and sketches from Disney100: The Exhibition, ExCeL London

The Disney story began in 1923, when the brothers Walt and Roy Disney founded Disney Brothers Studio. Renamed Walt Disney Studio in 1926, the firm produced its first fully animated film, Oswald the Lucky Rabbit the following year. Disney100: The Exhibition takes visitors right back to these formative years, bringing them alive through rare, original documents, illustrations and recordings. The distinctive Disney imagination is evident right from the earliest of these ‘crown jewels’.

Girl poses with Fairy Godmother and girl looks up at Olaf, Disney100: The Exhibition, ExCeL London

As the immersive exhibition unfolds, so too does the fabulous story of Disney’s first century. The experience is organised into ten themed galleries, progressing through the years as Disney’s cast of beloved characters and cherished stories just keeps growing. Fans will be fascinated to see the origins of iconic figures like Mickey Mouse, originally conceived by Walt as ‘Mortimer Mouse’. Early animations, storyboard sketches and other rare artefacts from Steamboat Willie, the first Disney sound cartoon and Mickey’s break-out success, are fascinating to see.

Helmets from Marvel and Star Wars at Disney100: The Exhibition, ExCeL London

From these beginnings, the Disney universe expands magically as visitors progress through the ten galleries. Fans of the Star Wars franchise can see the actual light sabres used in the films, alongside full-sized a full-sized BB-8 droids and storm trooper uniforms. Devotees of the Marvel Cinematic Universe can do the same with Iron Man’s high-tech mask and Thor’s winged helmet. Lovers of Encanto can hear the film’s enrapturing songs recorded in multiple different languages.

Maquette of Maui from Moana and a woman listening on headphones at Disney100: The Exhibition, ExCeL London

Some of the rarest and most fascinating treasures reveal the painstaking processes behind the Disney magic: detailed maquettes (scaled-down ‘statues’) show beloved characters like Remy from Ratatouille and Maui from Moana at the earliest point of their development; detailed storyboards show how minutely each frame of animation is worked out; and historic film footage shows the ingenuity behind Disney’s sound effects.

Costume from The Little Mermaid at Disney100: The Exhibition, ExCeL London

So, whether you’re a dedicated Mouseketeer or just a curious film lover, Disney100: The Exhibition is a truly exceptional experience. London is incredibly lucky to get a second chance to see this never-to-be-repeated show. Don’t miss out this time – get your tickets now!

Written by Hugh McNaughtan


Disney100: The Exhibition
Disney like you've never seen it before!

Disney like you've never seen it before!



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