Woolwich Parks

Green spaces in Woolwich
Woolwich Common

Woolwich is much greener than you might think, with parks and open spaces spread across the centre of town, There’s also plenty of outdoors nearby and across the river Thames.

Woolwich Common and Barrack Field run up to the Royal Artillery Barracks and range from wild commonland to carefully landscaped design featuring a Ha Ha. (it’s essentially a ditch that was used to keep grazing animals away from ornamental gardens!)

The shooting events in the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games were held here.

There are smaller green spaces dotted around the Royal Arsenal and around churches in the town centre and the outskirts.

Royal Arsenal

Only a mile or so away, near the Thames Barrier, you can find some much wilder woods.

Maryon Park and Maryon Wilson Park are next to each other, intriguingly, and contain a stretch of straggling woodland and an animal park.

Maryon Wilson Animal Park is a fantastic place to visit with the kids. There’s  a herd of deer and a farmyard’s worth of other furry and feathered friends.

Maryon Wilson Animal Park

Also nearby are Charlton Park, where a state-of-the-art Skate Park recently opened, and the ancient trees and flowers of Oxleas Woods are not far away.

You can also pick up the Green Chain Walk at the Thames Barrier which takes you through miles of green walking routes, without ever really encountering a road.