Woolwich attractions

Things to do around Woolwich
Crossness Pumping Station

There’s a wide range of places to go and things to do within easy reach of Woolwich town centre.

For a start, don’t miss Greenwich Heritage Centre in the Royal Arsenal, an amazing local museum that tells stories about the Royal Borough of Greenwich through objects, paintings, prints, drawings, maps, photographs and deeds.


And take a look around the Royal Arsenal itself – it’s changing all the time, as the historic buildings are gradually transformed into a Cultural District, homes, shops, restaurants and bars.

Severndroog Castle, in nearby Oxleas Wood, is a romantic folly built by a broken-hearted widow in memory of her hero of a husband.

It’s 60 feet tall and has outstanding views across eight counties.

A little further up the road is Eltham Palace, the childhood home of Henry VIII.

All that remains of the medieval palace is the Great Hall and the beautiful grounds, but next door is a fabulous Art Deco house, built in the 1930s. Have a look at how the other, richer half lived in the cocktail age.

And don’t forget the Thames Barrier just down the river from the Woolwich Ferry. This magnificent construction is  one of the largest movable flood barriers in the world. It’s been keeping London safe from deluge since 1982. You can see it up close from the riverside at Charlton.

And, if you check the opening times carefully, you can see the magnificent Victorian interior of Crossness Pumping Station.

Built by Joseph Bazalgette, the architect of the Victoria Embankment, the pumping station was a key part of London’s urgently needed main sewerage system. It was officially opened by the Prince of Wales in April 1865.