Hannah and Hanna

For the past 5 years Greenwich Theatre has been building a reputation as one of the most important theatre producers at the Edinburgh Festival. Every year they support a range of young theatre producers in launching their careers, but this year artistic director James Haddrell directed a production as well. After a host of four- and five-star reviews, they are bringing the show to Greenwich for five nights next week. Here’s what James has to say about it:
“HANNAH AND HANNA, produced with new company CultureClash, is a show that’s very close to my heart. A play about a teenage Kosovan refugee who tries to a become friends with a girl from Margate in the lead up to the millennium.

Hannah and Hanna

The play’s messages of tolerance and humanity could not be more relevant today. However, whilst the play brings home the human stories at the heart of any asylum crisis it also celebrates the ability of people to come together and defeat prejudice.
It has a fantastic upbeat 90s soundtrack with the two girls brought together by the pop music that they both love. It has all the political integrity and emotional heart that adults look for in a play, but the energy and the dynamism to help younger audiences see the plight of asylum seekers in a new way as well.

Hannah and Hanna in the arcade
The British Theatre Guide review said, “This is a play that should be shown in every workplace and school. We should also perhaps think of paying CultureClash Theatre to “swarm” into Number 10 Downing Street with it”. HANNAH AND HANNA is 60 minutes of pure action and suspense, beautifully told and beautifully sung and I hope you’ll be along to see it.”

29 Sep-3 Oct at 8pm
Suitable for ages 12+
Greenwich Theatre, Crooms Hill, London SE10 8ES
greenwichtheatre.org.uk | 020 8858 7755

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