A Day In the Life of Woolwich

A Day In the Life of Woolwich

A Day In the Life of Woolwich

A Day in the Life… aims at creating a living, breathing, three-dimensional and most of all, an artistic documentary of life in one of South East London’s burgeoning communities.

Local professional artists will facilitate workshops for groups, businesses and individuals from the area, aiming at the creation of an artistic representation of what it is like to live and work in Woolwich.

During the workshops, stories from the communities will be collected, developed and shape into artworks.

The ‘Story-tellers’ would then present their creations in front of a live audience during the ‘A Day in the life…’ artistic tour.

During one day, members of the public will be able to self-guide around Woolwich to experience the area in a creative and unique way.

This day will be filmed and the footage used to create a more traditional documentary that will allow the event to be preserved and celebrated in the future.

* This event is the culmination of a six-month programme that involved artists working with local community groups, in an effort to tell the rich and diverse stories of local communities.  The project has been funded by the Royal Borough of Greenwich Community Art Fund.