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Are You China Ready? 是您的公司準備好中國
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The Chinese market is now one of the biggest tourism markets in the world and is set to grow in the UK. Is your business set up to take advantage of this opportunity?

This page will cover insights into the Chinese market, statistics and best practice and advise on forming an action plan for your business to become China ready. Working together we can attract a larger share of this ever-growing market to our businesses.

Visit Greenwich is welcoming the Chinese market – we hope you will too.

Interesting Facts

What the Chinese think about Britain
• In the 2014 Nations Brand Index Survey sentiment regarding Britain was extremely upbeat
• The two areas of relative weakness for Britain were perceptions of ‘welcome’ and of ‘natural beauty’
• Britain is highly associated with ‘museums’, but the Chinese do not associate Britain with ‘Sport’
• The Chinese are more likely to expect a trip to Britain to be ‘romantic’ than is the typical inbound visitor
• Key motivators of holidays include ‘enjoy the beauty of the landscape’, ‘feel connected to nature’ and ‘have fun and laughter’, with Australia considered the ‘best place’ to indulge in all three

Caring for visitors
• It is important to appreciate cultural differences
• Visitors appreciate ‘support’ in the form of Chinese language facilities
• Spicy food is a favourite and there is a preference for Chinese food

The leisure & travel trade
• Travel agents play a vital role in China, with major reasons for consumers preferring to use an agent including convenience, language barriers, visa preparation, knowledge gaps and value
• There are around 700+ licensed agents – only about 100 are capable of handling Europe/UK bound trips
• The best time to visit is March to early April and mid-October to early December
• If visiting the trade in China it is important to take an interpreter/guide

Speakers & Presentations
from the China Ready Workshop, 30 June

Visit Greenwich together with VisitBritain held their first ever “China Ready Workshop” at Devonport House in June to help Greenwich businesses prepare to welcome the growing Chinese market. Below is a list of the speakers and their presentations from the session.

Jo Leslie
China UK Business Development Manager, VisitBritain

Read Bio | View Slides | Website

Gary Grieve
Managing Director, CapelaChina

View Slides | Website

Fran Downton
International Marketing Manager, Tourism South East

View Slides | Website

Amy O’Donovan
Travel Trade Marketing Manager, Royal Museums Greenwich


Adrian Butcher
Group Marketing Director, Twin UK


Useful Information
Links, documents and more
Chinese Lanterns

The Chinese Market

Further information on the Chinese market including statistics and useful downloads.

Read More

Market and Trade Profile for China

VisitBritain’s Market and Trade Profile for China (excluding Hong Kong).


Marketing and Support Services for Business

There are now a number of companies which specialise in providing support and consultancy on the Chinese market to British tourism businesses.

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Tips for Marketing to China

Information on everything from digital marketing and advertising campaigns to press, PR and trade missions.

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Chinese Language Toolkit

Useful words, terms, phrases and templates to help welcome Chinese visitors.





The GREAT China Welcome
from VisitBritian
Chinese Couple Walking

VisitBritian’s GREAT China welcome programme aims to make Britain the destination of choice for the rapidly-growing Chinese market.

At the centre of the programme is the GREAT China Welcome Charter to help Chinese visitors easily identify hotels, attractions, retailers and tour operators that are making themselves ‘China-ready’ by providing information in Mandarin or Cantonese and adapting their products for the Chinese market and culture.

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China Welcome Training
with Capela China
People on the Meridian Line in the ROG courtyard.

Capela China’s one-day training programme gives UK tourism businesses the tools to both attract and welcome Chinese visitors. It is well suited to a range of management and front-line staff delegates. To date, they have trained over 500 delegates from more than 200 organisations.

This course has been awarded VisitBritain’s GREAT China Welcome Charter Mark, meaning successful participants automatically meet the criteria to join VisitBritain’s leading China programme.

Read More

Tickets are now on sale for the China Welcome training course at London & Partners on Tuesday 25 October. Follow the link below to reserve your space now.

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