Green Hat People – Exploration Challenge

Green Hat People – Exploration Challenge

Green Hat People – Exploration Challenge
Team Building experts in Greenwich

Looking for something fun and engaging to bring a difference to your boring meetings or looking for team build ideas?

Green Hat People design Active Meetings, Workshops and Business Games capturing and engaging audiences on an entirely new level.

Green Hat People create teams that are involved, active and collaborative. The content ensures higher engagement levels, communication and retention of information, whether this is from a fun team building activity or a serious sequence of workshops at a conference or meeting to convey messages in the most effective way possible.

The platform enables Green Hat People to build mobile apps, used on smartphones, laptops and tablets, turning meeting participants into active contributors at events.

Examples of the Team Build Games, Workshops and Business Games. When a team is aligned, energized and working together towards a common goal, nothing can stop them!

Green Hat People are delighted to have used this winning formula to create a unique team building activity right in the heart of historic Greenwich for a truly memorable team building event.

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