Building 10

Building 10

Building 10
Building 10

Building 10 is a large former industrial building, part of The Armouries, when the Royal Arsenal was a large site of munition production. Nearby amenities include The Taproom, Cornerstone Café and the well-visited Tesco Express.

The building is also situated within a residential area of over 5,000 residents and is a focal point for holding events such as; Farmers’ Markets, Vintage Fairs and Conferences.

The venue can be used for:

  • Weddings
  • Fairs
  • Exhibitions
  • Pop-up cinemas
  • Shows
  • Fitness space


Event Spaces


Name of Room/SpaceReceptionDinnerDinner & DanceTheatreBoardroomClassroomCabaretExhibition Space (m2)
RARE Warehouse499499499499499499499enquire