Events in Greenwich

Greenwich has been a centre for entertainment since Shakespeare’s time and is now home to The O2, the most popular entertainment venue in the world. See what’s coming up over the next few weeks in our wide-ranging events calendar.

01 Oct 2016 to 25 Jun 2017
Come along and see insight astronomy photographer of the year is the biggest international competition of its kind.  

22 Dec 2016 to 02 Dec 2017
Join Ted the Teddy Bear on a journey throughout the Solar System!

01 Apr 2017 to 01 Sep 2017
Discover the amazing secrets of our star the Sun in this incredible show narrated by Benedict Cumberbatch. A fury is…

06 May 2017 to 25 Jun 2017
An exciting display of maritime paintings and drawings from both professional and amateur artists.

18 May 2017 to 25 Jun 2017
The Island is an interactive storytelling experience for all ages by French illustrators Icinori.

23 May 2017 to 16 Sep 2017
Sometimes humorous, sometimes curious, fans decorated with animal subjects at The Fan Museum.

01 Jun 2017 to 30 Jun 2017
Ascend 60 feet and uncover the secrets of London’s largest painted ceiling at The Painted Hall.

19 Jun 2017 to 25 Jun 2017
Explore the characters of Star Wars in this unique interactive exhibition.

21 Jun 2017 to 23 Jun 2017
An annual celebration showcasing the formidable talents of around 800 Ravensbourne graduates from the Schools of Design.

23 Jun 2017 to 23 Jun 2017
Wayne Adrian Drew’s critically acclaimed new play about four famous authors spending the day at a villa on the coast between France and Italy in 1920.